Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wonderful Water

Water is such an important part of our daily lives...and I just don't drink enough of it. I'm always running around taking care of my children, our home, and everything else that I forget to take care of myself. oops! Then I wonder why my head hurts and I have no energy at the end of the day. Hmmm dehydrated maybe?! |I've tried fancy water bottles thinking that I would drink more water that way. The only problem is that I would forget to fill it up, or forget it all together.  I also get sick of the bland water after a while. Let's face it...plain water is just not that much fun!
So the other day I had some ladies over and made a pot of coffee and filled up a pretty glass pitcher with ice water and out a few lemon slices in it. Everyone drank the coffee (except me, I'm not a big coffee drinker) and did not touch the water - figures right. Throughout the day though I kept going back and filling up my glass with the lemon water. It was so good and refreshing! By the end of the day I had just about finished up the entire pitcher of water. Yay for me! So I keep filling up the pitcher and putting fresh slices of lemon each morning. It's amazing how much better I feel just from drinking water.
Give it a try! You might find yourself drinking more water too if it comes from a pretty glass pitcher with lemon slices (or lime, or even orange slices would work)

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