Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Totally Turkey

I know it's not Thanksgiving...in fact today's 90 deg. weather proves we are not even close to Thanksgiving. My family loves turkey though. When ever they go on sale I pick one up and we make several meals out of it. I know what your thinking...turkey is dry, hard to cook, and no taste. Not when I make it! :) Not to brag or anything.
1st make sure your turkey is completely defrosted. Next you need to clean your turkey. This part might gross you out a little. It's really not that bad...just do it, and don't think about it! Inside the turkeys rib cage area take out the gizzards (umm some people use it, but I just throw it out). Now rinse it out.
2nd put turkey in a pan with at least a one inch lip. You want to make sure you have enough room to hold all the yummy juice.
3rd chop up one onion and two celery stocks and stick inside turkey. Rub butter over the outside of the turkey and then sprinkle dried herb mix over top. Now pour either 2 cups of apple juice or apple cider around turkey. I know you think I'm crazy with this one but just trust me it works.
4th in a preheated oven (350 deg) place turkey. Every half hour use either a turkey baster or ladle (if your son is using your turkey baster as a water gun) to pour liquid from the pan over the turkey to keep it moist. If your turkey is starting to brown a little too much cover with aluminum foil. Oops as you can see I did not use the foil. It's okay it will still taste good.  Your turkey should reach a temp of 190 deg. Don't cut it yet!!! It needs to sit and cool for a bit.
Next I made sour cream mashed potatoes. I could eat an entire bowl of these!!! They are so easy to make that you will never make instant again (I hope). For my family I used three yellow potatoes and cut into cubes. No need to peal, just scrub first. Then add enough water to cover potatoes. Boil for 15-20 min. until potatoes are soft. Drain water and transfer potatoes to a bowl. Now mash with a potato masher if you have one...but a large wooden spoon will work too. Now add half a cup of sour cream and mix until potatoes are creamy. You can add more sour cream if needed or salt, or even green onion. I like mine with  brown gravy though!
Now you can cut your turkey. Set up a plate for leftovers...you know your going to want turkey sandwiches tomorrow. Try to keep son and husbands out of the turkey until dinner (maybe that just happens in my family).
Oh and don't throw away the bones from the turkey. Put the bones in a large pot and cover with water. Let it simmer on the stove for a few hours. Then drain out the liquid and save. Now you can throw out the bones. :) Use the broth to make soup. Just add chopped up turkey, noodles, and chopped carrots and celery. You don't even need to season it. All the flavor is in the broth. Sorry I don't have exact measurements, but I just eyeball it.

Enjoy your dinner...and lunch...and turkey soup. Oh and you can freeze the soup too.


  1. I like your soup pan. What kind is it?

  2. It's a brand called Wear Ever. I got it in a set from my wedding. I think it's from Bed Bath and Beyond.