Monday, May 10, 2010

crafting during nap time

It was one of those days I just felt like being crafty. I keep seeing others blog about these cute rope decorative balls they are making. So I made a few of those. Then I looked over at an empty milk jug on the counter...hmmm...that would make a cute vase.
one guess where that's from!
I just started to wind the rope around the jug adding hot glue every so often. I think I used a little too much hot glue at the top. It started to seep out of the edges. oops!
I think it looks cute. I bet it would look really cute with several of them in different sizes.
Look what else I did...
I picked up simple glass candle holders in two different sizes and glass cups at the Dollar Store. Then I glued them together. I have also seen this done on several other blogs, but I had not done it yet. I flipped over the candle stick because I think it looks better that way.
I got this all done during my boys nap time!

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  1. so cute! I love that little 'milk' jug. great idea!