Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bowling Cupcakes

So today was J's 3rd birthday party and we went bowling. I wanted to make some cute cupcakes that the kids would truly appreciate all the effort I put into them enjoy. One of J's little friends has some allergies to eggs and peanuts so I picked up a special box of cake mix and frosting. After making these special egg free treats they looked...well awful! Notice I did not even bother taking a picture of those.  So in a pinch I ran up to the bakery and asked what they had. Just my luck someone did not pick up their cupcakes the day before. Yay for me! :)Oh, and I saved one of the egg free cupcakes for his friend though.

To customize the cupcakes (so they did not look too store bought) I bought a bag of thin mint patties. I used a wooden poker to make three holes on the top of the candy. Ta da - instant bowling ball! Please ignore the smudge marks all over the "bowling ball". A certain three year old got to the cupcake before Mommy could take the picture.  See it's an easy treat to you just need to throw your own bowling party.
J thinks the balls are suppose to go in the gutter. I think he got his impressive bowling skills from his Mommy!

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  1. I wish I could have been there for all of the bowling fun. I like bowling in the gutter too.