Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Party Goody Bags

Well my sons 3rd birthday is coming up this weekend, and we are going bowling! I wanted to come up with a fun goody bag for him to give out to all of his little friends at the end of the party. My only problem is that I can't stand junk! Let's face it most of the stuff that goes in those bags you end up throwing away soon after you get it. So I wanted to think of a few things that my son really loves...Play-dough and M&M's.

For the play-dough part I made two batches of play-dough and colored one batch red and the other blue. Then after each batch cooled I divided up the play-dough into ten small balls of dough. Then I put one of each color of dough into a plastic zip top bag. I wanted to add something to the bag so I folded a 4 inch long by 6 and 1/2 inch wide piece of card stock paper in half. I printed out the word "Play-dough" in font size 32 and the play-dough recipe on font size 9 on white printer paper. Then I cut out the words and recipe and glued the "play-dough" part onto one side of the card stock and the recipe to the other side. Then I put the folded card stock over the plastic bag to look like a store bought package. I also included in each goody bag a cookie cutter. I found a bag of six cookie cutters at the dollar store. yay!

For the little jars of M&M's I just used small canning jars and decorated the lids. I simply traced the lid onto a piece of bright green paper and then cut it out...not really brain surgery. :) Then I used a 1 and 1/2 inch paper punch to create little "bowling balls" out of blue paper. I drew three black little circles on the top of the circles to help them look like bowling balls.

I put everything together in these cute little paper lunch bags that I found in the dollar section of Target. I love that place!

Well I hope the children like their goody bags and they can actually use the items that they receive.

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  1. these are too cute... i bet the moms gushed over them :) and the kiddos probably tore into them without a second thought, haha