Friday, August 13, 2010


Today we are learning about numbers one through three. To do this we are using a page from his workbook, a few dry erase cards, the abacus, and the cash register. We practiced number recognition with the dry erase cards. J thought this was fun since we had not used them before.

Then we played "store". I made some simple paper money last night. I used green construction paper and wrote a 1 on each piece of paper and a smile face. Then I made price tags and placed them on a few toys. We found the cash register at the thrift store last week.
J and I took turns shopping at the store and working with the cash register. This was a great way to practice number recognition and counting. He had to tell me how much each toy cost based on the price tag, find the numbers on the cash register, and then count the money. We also practiced using good manners to greet the
We also practiced J's cutting skills. I made lines on a piece of construction paper and he had to stay on the lines while cutting.

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