Sunday, July 4, 2010

hanging art

J loves to paint, but I quickly run out of places to hang his pictures so that they can dry. Also, now that baby N can pull himself up onto things some of J's pictures that were hanging on the fridge have been ripped. oops! So I decided to hang them up in the playroom using a clothes line and clips that we found at the Dollar Store.
First J painted each of the clothes pins. Our "painting table" is outside and can be sprayed down when craft time is over. :)
Then we hung up some of his pictures using the dry clothes pins. To hang the clothes line I just nailed two long nails into the wall half way and tied the line to the part of the nail sticking out of the wall. We are not going to be hanging anything heavy on the line so I was not too worried about how well it's hung up.
You can see half of the playroom in this direction. This is the area where we do arts and crafts when the weather does not allow for outside activity.

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